Clio Cresswell, Sadie Chandler, Domenico de Clario, John Paul Cretney, Lily Hibberd, Deliah King, Bronwyn Platten, Philipa Veitch and Gary Warner.

2: numbers structure psychic order 5: innumerable 8: durational equations 7: the reasoning of numbers 3: numerical rumour 1: economic numerology 6: biological calculation 9: random numeration 4: the counting bone

The rationalisation of the world’s patterns and rhythms, were recorded as far back as the markings on Paleolithic bones when our primate ancestry tracked the sequence of the waning moon (Marshack’s lunar counting bone). This later developed into the geometry of architecture as seen in monuments such as the Egyptian pyramid and Stonehenge, to our present day where the underlying substrate of our world is increasingly replicated by the digital code of 0+1.

Numbers resonate as talismans of fortune and failure, of credit or bankruptcy. Our daily survival is dependant on our economic productivity, not our ability for poetic relations. Numbers structure our lives.

With a nod to the conceptual artists of the 1960s who used language, numbers and systems as a means of response to the mass expansion of information and data, the eight artists and one mathematician in Counting Bone explore numbers as a way of processing our culture of infinite data, as personal symbolism, as time and geographical markers, as random and as arbitrary political devices.

April 21 – May 29, 2015

Curated by Affiliated Text.
Photo credits: Felicity Jenkins