Clementine Barnes, Sophie Coombs, Christine Dean, Dara Gill, Barbara Halnan, Andrew Hurle, Deliah King, Emma Langridge, Kate Mackay, Michael McIntyre, Jane O’Neill, Luke Parker, Robert Pulie, Elvis Richardson, Nick Strike and Simon Yates.

Word blindness/ cacographical bents/ sleight of hand typographic fall off/ ecstatic distortions/ an illiterate dalliance/ Freudian lips/ neuro- electric optic hallucinatory reverb/ the winsome fox jumped over the ironic pun/ a slow reading between the lines…

Bad Spelling came into being through a conversation between Affiliated Text and Robert Lake about how his dyslexia has informed his work as a curator. This resulting exhibition examines language through the prism of visual distortion. The works in Bad Spelling highlight the abstract forms of language and the processes required to interpret these forms. Comprehension is interrupted by optical illusions, misreading and deliberate misspellings. In the working bookshop setting of Cross Art Books, reading is made visible as an activity of disruption and creative compensation.

June 3 – July 10, 2015

Curated by Robert Lake.

Photo credits: Felicity Jenkins

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